Transforming organizations

Helping you build cultures of diversity, inclusiveness & belonging -
for all humans.


Our Mission

To co-create a more just and equitable (working) world for all humans. Our Vision is a world in which every person feels a sense of belonging and dignity.

We are working towards this mission and vision by supporting organizations to transform into spaces where every human can feel safe, seen, and valued in the full expression of their humanity.


Selected Clients

The time is now.

We are currently in the midst of a period of profound change. And we know that much more is needed. More power. More transformation. More co-creation. The desire for a different way of working - a way that focuses on the human being, every human being, in all their diversity - is not a short-lived trend. It is a long overdue reaction to existing circumstances. A process, a protest.

It's a movement - not a moment.

Our services

We are a purpose-driven consultancy specializing in organizational and systems change.

Our team provides consulting and training on issues of Diversity, Equity & Belonging - always from an intersectional-feminist perspective and deeply informed by lived experience, evidence-based insights and experiential learning.

Strategic Innovation

Training & Facilitation

• Trainings, Workshops, Webinars 
• Bespoke Learning Journeys
• Coaching & Support for Chief Diversity Officers,  DEI Leaders and Teams

Data-driven strategy design & consulting 

• Equity Audits
• Status Assessment & Analysis
• Co-created strategic roadmaps
• Implementation & Evaluation
• Adaptation & Communication


• Keynotes
• Webinars
• Expert Sessions

Our approach

We offer  solutions on both organizational and individual levels, tailored to your specific needs and always in co-creation with you.

We are committed to supporting the mindset and culture shift necessary to empower organizations that are fit for the future.

Intersectionally Feminist

Who we are

Dr. Fox Mega
Founder. Principal Consultant & Facilitator

Pronouns: they/them

Fra* is a neuroscientist turned social entrepreneur, actively co-creating a (working) world that allows every human to feel that they belong, their voice matters and their being is valued.

Through their background in cognitive neuroscience, philosophy and embodiment, as well as lived experience as queer, trans non-binary human, Fra* brings deep expertise and a unique perspective to every space they co-create. Their evidence-based, experiential & empathic approach has inspired sustainable change in teams and organizations across the globe.

Fra* is also a practitioner of mindfulness & engaged buddhism in the lineage of Thích Nhất Hạnh, a vegan foodie and entirely obsessed with finding the perfect GIFs to express themself, with sprinkles of silliness and joy.

Lux Henle 
Consultant & Facilitator

Pronouns: they/them

With a background in math and computer science, Lux has been freelancing as IT consultant for many years. Coming from their lived experience as queer non-binary being they decided to dedicate time to work towards a more just and healthier living and work environment. Combining their personal experience in facilitating safe spaces with their professional consulting skills Lux is part of a team of trainers building a culture of inclusiveness & belonging at work.

Lux spends lots of time discovering the diversity of people and spaces all around the world in person and second hand. During Berlin nights Lux is a passionate karaoke star and loves hanging out at queer-ballroom events.

Charity Smith
Research & Coaching

Pronouns: they/them

Charity’s professional and educational experience is centered in clinical and community social work and human rights. Her mission is to empower human connections using empathy, compassion, and scientific evidence-based practices to foster equality and belonging for individuals, organizations, and communities. In particular, she strives to improve mental health care and support services for LGBTQIA+ folks and anyone else who has felt unseen or unrepresented in traditional mental health services.

She is a member of the German "Verband Freier  Psychotherapeut*innen, Heilpraktiker*innen für Psychotherapie und Psychologischer Berater*innen e.V"

Charity is a creature of the outdoors and frequents the forests, parks, and lakes around Berlin, often with her saxophone in tow. She has a big heart, warm smile, and passion for bringing people closer together.

What our clients say 

Scott Goldner
Associate Partner, LEAD Mindsets & Capabilities

I can not say enough what a joy and honor it has been to work with Dr. Mega! Their authentic way of collaborating, deep expertise, and intuitive and generous approach to partnership not only made our co-facilitation of an interactive workshop on Self-Leadership (in times of crisis) a success, but has inspired me to continue to find ways (and excuses!) for us to keep working together. I recommend Dr. Mega wholeheartedly and would be more than happy to comment further.

Simon Mattaj & Rebecca Wanner
DEI Team at Scholz & Friends

Working with DMC is the best step for us to take our
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts to the next level.
DMC’s holistic humanistic approach brings meaningful and sustainable change to all areas of the agency.
With their empathic and professional manner, Fox
and their team bring innovative approaches to our
agency to initiate a journey of change where every
employee feels addressed and included. 

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