Designing a sustainable Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
& Belonging Strategy. Together.

We co-create a sustainable strategy with you, support you in the implementation and empower you to own your journey from Day 1.

We promise to meet you where you're at, and walk the journey with you, every step of the way.

Are you tasked with building your company's DEIB strategy, but are unsure where to start? 

Maybe you, like many of our clients, are finding yourself lacking diversity in the company, and being frustrated by ongoing inequities and barriers to belonging. Perhaps you've just secured some initial funding and put together a team, but feel overwhelmed by the size of the task and unclear where to start building a culture of belonging.

Do you want to co-create your strategy, building on expertise and success stories, while avoiding common mistakes?

Selected Clients

Grounded in neuroscience, systems theory & #radically human design principles

To effect sustainable change, we work with a systems approach.

Paying attention to the individual  level (“me”), the immediate “we” and the ripple effects of the collective societal and ecological space ("us").

01 Individual
Awareness, Communication, Collaboration

02 Intra-Personal
Culture, Processes, Guidelines

03 Collective or Community
Relationships with partners, society, and planet.


Our Impact


Participants directly reached


Global locations


Types of solutions delivered

Our co-creative strategy process

01 Assess Status Quo & Needs

Analyze status-quo & audit existing systems & processes.

03 Implement, Communicate & Evaluate

Leveraging relevant tools, resources and existing measures

02 Co-Create Strategy & Roadmap

In co-creation with relevant stakeholders, establish objectives & expectations relating to tangible DEI outcomes, along with measures to sustain accountability &  potential roadblocks. Integrate into existing OKRs & business strategy. 

04 Adapt & Iterate

Are we meeting our targets? Where do we need to shift, improve or pivot?
Ensuring internal change makers are empowered to own the project after hand-off

Touching every area of business

01 People / Talent 
02 Leadership
03 Brand & Product 

Your Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness and Belonging (DEIB) strategy touches on every aspect of doing business.

From talent recruiting, hiring and on-boarding, to people development, product design & innovation, user experience, business strategy and - ecosystem.

We make sure that you are set up for success, by using data-driven metrics in addition to the human factor, to track your impact on all of these areas, with tangible goals and metrics.

It's Time

The evidence is clear. The status-quo is shifting.

People are increasingly expecting their employers to demonstrate competence in addressing exclusion and inequities across dimensions — including race, gender, sexuality, ability, national identity, and income. The majority of Millennials & Gen Z seek employers with high ethical standards and consumers are overwhelmingly more loyal to ethical and value-based businesses. 

Employees are actively calling out racism and other forms of discrimination and demanding clear commitments,
decisive action and accountability, towards more equitable, inclusive and diverse workplaces. 

The bar has been raised.  It's time for a diverse, equitable and human world of work.

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