Ressources for co-creating Belonging 

Glossary for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Frequently used terms when discussing social justice issues,
with a focus on #queer, #trans & #racialjustice.

This is a living document, which means we are constantly expanding it. If you are missing a definition, please let us know.

We also want to acknowledge that we are in a constant process of un-learning & understanding our own biases. We therefore warmly welcome feedback and strive to always center the voices and definitions of affected individuals and communities.

Morning Self Check-In

Let's be honest - starting the day well can be a challenge! We've put together this quick guide to support you in starting your day by focusing on your mental- & emotional well-being. Five minutes of reflection, designed to get you off to a good start. We love it - when we remember to do it ;)

Why it matters - D&I Factsheet

Unfortunately, a large number of folks who approach us are still tasked with putting together a business case for diversity. While this approach is problematic (see here & here), it is also a reality.

We've therefore compiled a couple of facts highlighting the importance of diversity, inclusion & belonging in the workplace to support those wanting to get started and being tasked with looking for arguments to support their case.

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